National Animal Care and Control Association

Culture & Collaboration Council

Executive Summary

The establishment of a Collaboration and Culture Council, made up of industry professionals who are actively working in Animal Control, Field Services, and Shelter Operations, will support making NACA stronger, increase the shareholder value and better position NACA to engage membership, drive success and capture opportunities. The council seeks to organically generate industry buy-in for culture–because they are the ones building it–and help NACA’s central principles and values permeate the day-to-day work experience of Animal Control, Field Services, and Shelter Operations professionals. In addition, development of the council supports NACA’s strategic initiative of developing an organizational structure by expanding the current team.

The NACA Collaboration and Culture Council is designed to support equal representation of the organizations across the United States, in which NACA serves. Equal representation ensures that all areas of the country are represented and have a voice in innovation, program development and an active role in helping to move the needle for field services across the country. Diverse perspectives drive productivity, promote balance, and stimulates engagement. Each of these is vital to sustain the programs and initiatives of NACA while driving future success of the industry.

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1- Support and drive the NACA brand and commit to setting the standard of professionalism in animal welfare through public safety, training, networking, and advocacy.

2- Bring awareness while increasing and enhancing the value and benefit of membership.

3- Protect professionals and promote equity across the industry to help ensure programs and services are accessible by all.

4- Monitor changes in industry culture

5- Influence the design and development of NACA partnerships and programs.


 1- Ensuring Animal Control, Field Services, and Shelter Operations needs are at the forefront of the conversations and drive membership “voice” through active council participation.

2- Intentionally nurture collaboration and culture throughout the industry through informal compassionate leadership, clear communication, and personal actions.

3- Provide “temperate checks” and support monitoring effectiveness of NACA partnerships, programs, and initiatives.

4- Dedication to continuous learning and refreshing of ideas to nourish and improve the collaboration and culture among Animal Control, Field Services, and Shelter Operations Professionals.

5- Lead with integrity while working to elevate the professionalism and public image of Animal Control, Field Services, and Shelter Operations professionals.

Council Leadership

Jerrica Owen

Michelle Dosson

Council Members

Shannon Olascoaga

Animal Control Officer I
Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control

Sara Maria Muriello

Senior Director of Admissions and Placement
Pasadena Humane

Jonathan Cooper

Animal Control Officer
Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services

Jordyn Blagg

Animal Protection Investigator
Pima Animal Care Center

Inga Fricke

Executive Director
McKamey Animal Center

Tim Brown

Director of Jessamine County Animal Shelter
Chief of Animal Control
Jessamine County Fiscal Court

Jeff Rosenthal

Chief Executive Officer
Idaho Humane Society

Nickey Taylor

Division Manager of Animal Services
KC Pet Project

Alexsey Dobberstine

Logistics and Care Program Manager
Houston SPCA